What is the Unlimited Paper plan?

Prynt Unlimited Paper Plan is available as of 9/18/17, in the US only.

  • Prynt Unlimited Paper Plan is a one time fee of $50 for a 6 month subscription.
  • Members will be notified when their plan is coming to an end and have the chance to renew.
  • Members will receive paper as they print. The plan automatically unlocks a pack of 40 sheets each time, that can be redeemed in the Prynt app under the “Shop” section.
  • The first 40-sheets will be sent at plan purchase. The next 40-sheets will be available to redeem after having printed 30 prynts, and then every 40 prynts after that. In short: Each time you drop to 10 remaining sheets, you will be able to request a new pack.
  • If the user would like to receive their next 40-sheets before they’re available to redeem in the app, they can reach out to support for assistance.
  • Plan is activated at purchase date. Every Prynt printed before receiving the first 40 sheets will be taken into account under the plan for the next paper redeem (in the case user already owns a Prynt device).
  • Once activated, the plan is linked to one unique Prynt user profile. Number of Prynts printed is recorded in order to make paper available to be redeemed on time.
  • When purchased through the Prynt App, Unlimited Paper Plan is automatically linked to that users profile.
  • When purchased from the Prynt website, the Unlimited Paper Plan can be activated with a unique code sent to the purchasers email. Thus, the Unlimited Paper Plan can be gifted separately from the purchaser.
  • We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to new paper at anytime against any suspicious or possible fraudulent usage.

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