How do I send a Prynt postcard?

Prynt just launched a postcard program! You can now send your Prynt as a postcard to anyone 5 times in a month for free!

How do I send a postcard? Open up your Prynt app, and select a photo. On the next page, select “Mail Prynt” and proceed to select the Prynt you’d like to send. The app will then prompt you to add the receiver’s mailing information and then just tap “Send.” Quick side note, we do not keep any address you enter in your app for postcards!

I sent my postcard to the wrong address! Whoops! Once your postcard has been sent, there is no way for us to change the address it is going to. 

How long does it take to send a postcard? Postcards take 1-2 weeks to ship within the United States, and 3-4 weeks everywhere else.

My postcards didn’t arrive! While this is rare, just like the regular postal service, sometimes mail gets lost and we can’t guarantee that all postcards will arrive at their destinations. If it’s been less than two weeks shipping within the United States or less than four weeks shipping anywhere else, your postcard may show up in a few days. We know this sucks but we won’t be able to track your postcard. 

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