Getting Started with the Prynt Pocket

1. Charge your Prynt Pocket. Connect your Prynt Pocket to the included micro-USB cable, and connect the micro-USB cable to a power source. You can click here to learn how to check the battery of your Prynt Pocket!

2. Prepare your paper cartridge. Make sure the paper cartridge has the Prynt emblem facing down. Lift the cartridge hatch gently, and place 10 sheets of Prynt paper with the blue SmartSheet barcode facing up. Close the paper cartridge hatch- you'll hear a click.

3. Insert the paper cartridge into your Prynt Pocket. Make sure that the side with the Prynt emblem matches the Prynt logo on the Pocket itself. There is a small arrow on the right side of the paper cartridge that lines up with an arrow on the side of the Prynt Pocket.

4. Connect your phone. Press and slide the adjustment button on the Prynt Pocket to widen the clamps. When you can fit your phone in between the clamps properly, close the clamps to make sure your phone fits securely. Open the Prynt app, and you're ready to make some magic!

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