What is the warranty policy? How do I exercise my warranty?

If you ordered via Amazon or any retailer - Check with Seller for the warranty

If you ordered from Prynt App / Website, send order details to support@prynt.co

1 Year Warranty Policy

Prynt includes a one (1) year limited warranty from the date of sale for all hard goods purchased on Prynt.co including the Prynt Classic and its adapter and the Prynt Pocket. A current list of authorized retail partners is provided below. Purchasing from one of these stores also entails dedicated customer support and a one (1) year limited warranty for the product. 

1. Brick and Mortar

Urban Outfitters (US, CAD, UK)   John Lewis (UK)      
Best Buy (US)   Harrods (UK)      
T-Mobile (US)   Menkind (UK)      
TJ Maxx (US)   Bic Camera (Japan)      
Bloomingdale's (US)   Yodobashi Camera (Japan)      
Fnac (France)   Tsutaya (Japan)      
Selfridges (UK)          

 2. Online

Amazon (Worldwide)   TJ Maxx (US)  
Asos (Worldwide)   Tsutaya (Japan)  
Urban Outfitters (US, CAD, UK)   Miraporta Rakuten (Japan)  
Best Buy (US)   Bic Camera (Japan)  
Bloomingdale's (US)   Yodobashi Camera (Japan)  

Extensions apply (two (2) year limited warranty) to products purchased in the European Union. Please see our full  Terms of Service for additional details.

To exercise your warranty, please contact us and provide us the order number and email address associated with your order; if you purchased your product from one of our authorized retail partners, please be sure to include your proof of purchase in order to exercise your warranty.

Warranty Policy for United States

Warranty Policy for EU / Worldwide

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