How Do I Link My UPS?

The Unlimited Paper Supply Program has been discontinued. Paper is still available for Prynt Pockets  and Prynt Cases at 

Horray, it's time to link your subscription! Be sure to link it to your Prynt App as soon as you receive your code!

To do so: Check your inbox and find the code that you received via email. Can't find it? Check your spam folder! Still can't find it? Email with the email address associated with your order and they will be able to help you out!

Next: Go to the shop section of the app and enter your code where it says "link subscription" > Enter your code and the counter will start and you're all set!

After you place your subscription order you will be sent your first 40-pack of paper! You will then be able to see when you're ready to request more paper through the counter in the app! 

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