I can't connect my phone to the Prynt Case.

1. Make sure that your Prynt Case is fully charged, and you have the most up-to-date version of the Prynt App.

2. Make sure that your adapter is attached to the Prynt Case properly. Press down on the bottom of the adapter with both hands. If there was a click, it means your adapter wasn't attached properly.

3. Reset your Prynt Case.

After all this, try connecting again. If you're still unable to connect, you might have a defective case, and you'll need to contact us.

For iOS 11 Users

The iOS 11 update made the connection with bluetooth and lightning accessories unreliable. This is affecting you and us as well as drone remote controllers, cameras, health accessories and so on.

Here are two of the most common behaviors:

  • The Prynt Case is on (LED on) and attached to the phone but the app does not detect it.
  • When attached and shutter button is pressed, the Prynt Case turns on and off just after (LED off).

If you are experiencing one of those behaviors, you can try the following:

  1. Launch the Prynt app first. Then, unplug and replug the phone.
  2. If step one does not solve your issue, unplug the phone and restart it before trying again. You might need to reset the Prynt Case as well.

If you want to help us (and are not afraid of technical stuff)

In the meantime, we are trying to collect enough data to submit to Apple in order for them to correct this issue in an future release. This is where you can help. This is a bit technical but if you go to the Settings App > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data, you will see the crash reports from iOS. If one has accessoryd in its name (it should be at the top of the list), please enable the Share iPhone Analytics option on the previous screen. This will send the iOS crash reports to Apple. If many of you do this, Apple will receive more crash reports and it will become a higher priority for them to fix it.

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