How Does UPS Work?

The Unlimited Paper Supply Program has been discontinued. Paper is still available for Prynt Pockets  and Prynt Cases at 

After signing up for UPS you will receive a code to link your subscription to your Prynt account. 

Please link your subscription to your app as soon as you get the code as your subscription becomes active after purchase. 

Once you are down to a 10-pack you will be able to request a 40-pack of Prynt Classic paper to be delivered right to your doorstep (shipping is totally free)!

Here's how to get started: 

Find the code sent to you via email. The email subject is "Welcome to Unlimited Paper! 🤘". Don't see it in your inbox? Please check your spam folder :)

Once you’ve got your code handy….

-Open the Prynt App

-Go to the “Shop” section

-Link your account by entering your code

And finally.....Start printing! 

After linking your subscription your app will display a counter of how many more photos you need to print before you can request a new pack of paper. You can request more paper and update your shipping address all right there from your app! 

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